WEEE Policy (Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment) Regulations

As an environmentally conscious online retailer, we are committed to offering our clients the opportunity to recycle electrical goods in line with WEEE regulations. These state that each Member State has a legal obligation to minimise the disposal of WEEE in landfill sites. The aim of the WEEE regulations is to address the environmental impacts of electrical and electronic equipment when it reaches the end of its life.

Potential Effects Of Not Committing To WEEE Regulations

Over 75% of waste electrical goods end up in landfill, where lead and other toxins contained in the electrical goods can cause soil and water contamination which can lead to negative effects on human health and the environment. Electrical and Electronic Equipment that was made after 13th August 2005 should display the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on the packaging or product. The purpose of the symbol is to encourage householders to dispose of their WEEE separately from household waste.

What Can You Do: Reuse & Recycle

We all have a responsibility to contribute to the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of WEEE under these Regulations.

Reuse: If your old machine is still working, do you know somebody who would like to use it? There are many organisations such as schools, clubs, residential homes etc. who might be very happy to use your old equipment and give it a new home.

Recycle: If your old equipment is no longer useful to you or anyone you know, please recycle it whenever possible. If you are unable to give your item a new home, there are lots of local organisations available that will reuse, recycle or repair electrical and electronic equipment for charitable schemes.

Sole Fitness WEEE Take Back Policy

In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a new home for your electrical items, Sweatband.com Ltd t/a Sole Fitness will gladly manage its disposal in line with the WEEE regulations for you. We offer this disposal service to clients on a like for like basis meaning that if, for example, you purchase a treadmill from us, we will ensure that your old treadmill is disposed of correctly and in line with the WEEE regulations.

Please note there is usually a charge for disposing of equipment in this way.