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How can I choose the best treadmills for running at home?

Investing in a new treadmill can be confusing with so many options available. Exercise equipment is made to suit all means and all budgets, but what’s the best treadmill for you?

If you’re looking for the running machine that suits you to a T, you’re in the right place!

If you want to know what to ask for and where you should start looking for we advise you to keep reading and get informed of everything you need to know before buying a treadmill for home use.

And always keep in mind that Sole Fitness shoppers get 60 day free trial, fast Free 2 Man UK delivery and interest free finance for their treadmill. Check out of free delivery Gold service and our free delivery Silver service.

Find the range

The key is to investigate and try to find out which treadmill range is the one best suited for you. The first thing you should think about when buying a  treadmill is which is your long term goal. This is extremely important because if your goal is to simply run a few miles regularly at a pace that raises your heart rate, the specs of the running machine you need are going to vary from a treadmill that’s more suited to people who are training to run a marathon. On the other hand, if you’re training for trail running or mountain biking and you want to strengthen your leg muscles, your should search for a treadmill for home use that has the specs required to achieve anything you aim to.

Set the budget

Price is the one thing that everyone has in mind when looking for the right treadmill. Our core range of Sole Fitness treadmills price can range between £999 and £2,399, so making this decision will greatly narrow down the choices. At Sole Fitness we believe the price spent on a treadmill should be well thought of since from a good investment you’ll get ideal results. Nevertheless, it’s true that you can find great treadmills under £1000, such as our entry level Sole F63 treadmill and F65 treadmill.

It’s also important to note that some people may invest over £3000 on a new treadmill without realizing that the machine they’ve spent so much money on doesn’t fulfill their expectations and needs. Therefore we can conclude that the price that should be paid for a new treadmill goes together with the user’s needs. This is why it’s key to ask questions and get informed of what exactly is the machine you’re planning to buy best suited for. If you have any questions about our Sole treadmills don’t hesitate to ask our experienced team for help.

No sweat warranty

There’s another item that is especially important when investing in a new running machine, and that is the warranty. A running machine bought second hand or from whatever cheap brand is on offer that day will most likely not offer the same lifetime warranties as a good quality, well known brand such as Sole Fitness. Samely, buying the new treadmill straight from the official distributor is one of the best ways to ensure your customer service post-sale enquiries will be well attended and answered by experts.

All our Sole Fitness treadmill machines feature a “No sweat warranty”, with 3 years labour warranty and lifetime parts warranty, because our machines are that good.

Other factors you should take into account when buying a new treadmill are the following: you need to decide how many people will be using the treadmill, how heavy are each of the users, what exercise will they be doing (running v walking) and for how long. We consider 1 hour per day per user as average, so anything over this amount of usage we would recommend moving up in quality. Our range of treadmills offers a maximum user weight of 130 kg to 150 kg, so for heavier users this should be a consideration. The weight of each machine will depent on it’s design structure, so in order to know the exact weight of the machine you’ll have to check the product description. A casual fitness enthusiast versus a seasoned athlete has different needs and expectations of a treadmill, so athletic ability and requirements are other important factors.

Look for specifics: programs, incline, folding & more

Once you have narrowed down your gym equipment choices it’s time to look at more specifics of the particular treadmill machines. Some important factors to look at would be dimensions, ergonomics (deck length), motor size, and weight. Also consider treadmill features that are important to you in regards to the functionality such as programs available, incline percentage and cardiac monitoring. Incline increase options allow you to raise the intensity of the treadmill workout. The Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill has a 0-15% incline range, on of the highest available in the market. Incline options on a treadmill allow you to put for emphasis on the glutes and the claves. If you are you serious about your treadmill workout then you should definitely give importance to the incline options that the treadmill has to offer.

Our treadmills are motorised and they are equipped with a lasting good quality motor. However, when making a treadmill purchase the quality of the motor isn’t the only thing that you should take notice. It’s highly recommended you pay attention to the motor’s power. It’s important to chose the motorised treadmill that has the power to accompany you in your fitness workouts. In case you plan to use your motorised treadmill for walking then a motor with 2.0 continuous horsepower will be enough. However, for jogging you’ll need a 2.5 continuous horsepower motorised treadmill, and for running 3.0 continuous horsepower motorised treadmill. In our product description you’ll find the information about the continuous horsepower and the peak horse power for each machine. Motor power is a bigger concern for heavy users when they are looking for a new motorised treadmill. Opposite to light users and beginners, who shouldn’t fixate that much of the motor power of their new motorised treadmill.

You must keep in mind where the treadmill will be placed, since a folding treadmill may be best for you if you have little floor space available. Folding treadmills are a practical choice because they can be used in smaller spaces and once you are done working out you can always just put them away. Some folding treadmill models available in the store are the F80 and the F60 which are equipped with an easy folding technology that allows the machine to unfold effortlessly while you watch. Folding treadmills are a very popular choice among first time buyers and light users. We highly recommend you browse through our folding treadmill options. Un-folding treadmills are usually prefered by heavy users and they resemble more the machines found in a gym.

As mentioned before, you can always contact us and speak to experienced professionals who will help match up the perfect treadmill to suit your fitness needs, and will give you any advice you need on how to buy treadmills so you find the best treadmill for running at home. Whether it’s folding or un-folding, it has a 15% incline or a wide variety of programs.. we are determined to help you find the treadmill you need.


We are leading manufactures of commercial and home gym equipment.

Winners of several Best Buy awards, our Sole Treadmills use will help you achieve your fitness goals. We have treadmills for every budget and fitness condition. If you don't have a lot of space available, maybe check our folding treadmills, and if you're an experienced runner, check one of our best sellers, the Sole F85. Check our buying guides which should provide a quick answer to your questions, and don't hesitate to contact us for any advice./p>

Sole Fitness' engineering and design team is always looking for ways to improve their treadmill technology to provide the a great running experience to their customers. Our team has a vast knowledge of the fitness equipment industry and are familiar with what the consumers are in search of and expect from a treadmill: a good running machine, made of the best quality parts, sturdy and lasting, but at an affordable price./p>

Sole Fitness treadmills are made with the highest quality parts available. From the engine to every last screw, from the running deck to the steel frame, each Sole Fitness treadmill is made to last. Tested in the severe conditions of an hotel gym, they provide the quality you would find in a gym with a key difference: there's no need to leave the house./p>

Both for fitness fanatics and beginners alike, a Sole Fitness treadmill machine is the ideal equipment to bring your training to the next level. Get in shape whenever you want, whatever the weather with our treadmills for home use./p>

Sole Fitness UK offers you several interest free consumer finance options for treadmills of £500 or more. You can apply online or over the phone – it’s quick, easy, secure and you’ll get an instant decision./p>

We are the official distributor of Sole Fitness equipment in the UK, so we have the resources and knowledge to provide full product support for our brand. Our wide experience is at your disposal and our entire team is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals./p>

Sole Fitness is rated as one of the most respected treadmill for home gyms and gym equipment manufacturer overall. Sole Fitness has some of the top rated treadmills for home consistently earn top reviews from our customers. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

In Sole Fitness we offer two free delivery options:

Silver Delivery option (Free shipping): One man delivery to kerbside only for UK mainland customers only (3-5 working days from date of purchase).

Gold delivery (Free shipping):: Two man delivery in to a room of your choice on the ground floor UK mainland customers only (5-7 working days from date of purchase).

This delivery option might not be free, but sure will make the whole step up much faster and easier:

Platinum delivery (£99.00): Two man delivery to ground floor, full product installation, introduction & product demonstration, removal of all cardboard & unwanted packaging (10-14 working days from date of purchase)

In case you are looking for a commercial delivery or installation please contact us.


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