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Cross Trainers for sale from Sole Fitness specialising in direct from the manufacturer cardio equipment and elliptical trainers with 0% finance available on many of our cross trainers.

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Why Sole Fitness Ellipticals?

We are proud to say that 3 of our Sole Fitness elliptical trainers have either been runners up or won Best Buy awards by a leading review website. You can have the peace of mind that when you buy an elliptical from us that you are investing in the best elliptical cross trainer that is backed up by superb customer service.

Sole Fitness' engineering and design team is always looking for ways to improve their elliptical technology to provide the best training experience to their customers. Our team has a vast knowledge of the fitness equipment industry and are familiar with what the consumers are in search of and expect from a cross trainer: a good elliptical machine, made of the best quality parts, sturdy and lasting, but at an affordable price.

Sole Fitness ellipticals are made with the highest quality parts available. From the engine to every last screw, from the articulating foot pedals to the steel frame, each Sole Fitness cross trainer is made to last. Tested in the severe conditions of an hotel gym, they provide the quality you would find in a gym with a key difference: there's no need to leave the house.

Both for fitness fanatics and beginners alike, a Sole Fitness elliptical machine is the ideal equipment to bring your training to the next level. Train whenever you want, whatever the weather.

Sole Fitness UK offers you several interest free consumer finance options for elliptical trainers of £500 or more. You can apply online or over the phone – it’s quick, easy, secure and you’ll get an instant decision

We are the official distributor of Sole Fitness equipment in the UK, so we have the resources and knowledge to provide full product support for our brand. Our wide experience is at your disposal and our entire team is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. If you aren't sure about whichis the best home elliptical trainer for you, check our buying guides which should provide a quick answer to your questions, and don't hesitate to contact us for any advice.

Sole Fitness is rated as one of the most respected cross trainers for home gyms and light commercial settings manufacturer. Sole Fitness elliptical trainers consistently earn top reviews from our customers. Satisfaction is guaranteed; in addition shoppers get 60 day free trial, fast Free UK delivery and interest free finance.

How can I choose the best Elliptical Cross Trainer?

There are many reasons why you could be considering purchasing a new cross trainer: you are looking for a cardio gym equipment that offers a full body workout, you want to lose weight or tone muscle, you need to reduce stress, you are looking for a piece of gym equipment that doesn’t put pressure on your joints… Whichever reason took you to consider buying a new cross trainer you are here for one purpose: get informed on how to make the best decision.

While reading the following buyer’s guide always keep in mind that when you purchase a product in our online Sole Fitness store you get a 60 day free trial, fast Free 2 Man UK delivery, and interest free finance.

Find the range

Before setting a budget it’s important you determine what your goal is. Each of our cross trainers is designed and built for a different goal. For example, you might be interested in a climber because it’s the type of equipment that has less impact on your joints. Our if you are a professional sportsman or a heavy user you might need a more nuanced machine that is able to meet your requirements and expectations. If you are a first time buyer or a light user a cross trainer that allows you to run comfortably and listen to music might be enough, therefore the most basic model might be enough. That’s why it’s important you set your goal first and then your price will follow automatically. You don’t want to be spending too much money if you are a light user and you don’t want to be buying a cross trainer that’s cheaper but it doesn’t fulfill your high requirements if you are a heavy user.

Set the budget

After you’ve successfully set your long term goal is time to set the budget. Our core range of Sole Fitness cross trainers price can range between £699 and £2,399. There are machines that ecause they require a simpler design, their prices also go down: SC200 Climber for £699.00 and the Sole SC200 stepper for £999.00. Our basic cross trainer models such as Sole E35 elliptical cross trainer and the Sole E25 elliptical cross trainer can take you a long way. Finally, the most nuanced models are simply outstanding: Sole E98 elliptical and the Sole E95S elliptical. .

No sweat warranty

We offer three different delivery options with you new elliptical for home:

  • Silver delivery: free one man delivery to kerbside.
  • Gold delivery: free two man delivery in to a room.
  • Platinum delivery: two man delivery, installation, introduction & product demonstration (fee).

A warranty gives a lot of information about the quality of the product, because it represents the trust that a supplier gives. That’s why it’s always important to check the warranty when purchasing a new cross trainer for your home.

All our Sole Fitness cross trainers feature a “No sweat warranty”, with 3 years labour warranty and lifetime parts warranty, because our machines are that good.

Look for specifics: programs, incline, resistance & more

There are special features that you should take into account when purchasing a cross trainer:

  • Incline. Our cross trainers are equipped with adjustable incline controls on the handles of the cross trainer that allow you to switch between levels without moving. This feature adds comfort to your fitness workout. The level of cline will be different for each cross trainer.
  • Weight. There are two types of weights to consider: user and product. Product is a reference for stability, the heavier the equipment the more stable and more suited for professional use. Then there’s the maximum user weight which we recommend to check.
  • Console. The console boots different programs to keep you motivated during the fitness workout, includes fitness test programs, adjust the fitness workout depending on the user’s heart rate, it monitorizes results, it features integrated sound system so you can listen to music while you workout… It has everything you need to make you better, workout after workout.
  • Resistance. The user also has a possibility to adjust resistance levels from the handle. Most machines have 1-20 levels of resistance.

Check the different product descriptions available in our online store in order to discover what makes each bike special.

As you can see, the traction system of our cross trainers in placed in the back. When the traction system is placed in the back then the the bike is usually more compact, easier to store, and easier to move.

Why don't you test them out in our showroom? It is highly recommended, if you have the opportunity, to “test drive” different elliptical trainers in order to see if the feel and movement is right for you. Our extensive showroom has all of our core range ellipticals on display and they are available for you to try out should you choose to visit us.

However, you can always contact us at New Level and speak to experienced professionals who will help match up the perfect elliptical to suit your fitness needs.


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