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With the unlimited choice of fitness equipment options out there, it can be overwhelming to try and decide which piece of equipment is right for you, but we are here to help.

The choice is so extensive that it is important that you decide what you do and what you want to achieve. We’ve created the following guide to help you achieve your fitness goals, based on our broad experience inside the fitness industry and our vast product knowledge as the official Sole Fitness UK distributor.

This guide is for those of you who are googling “How to buy a good elliptical?”, “How much should I spend on a treadmill?”, “Can I find a treadmill that fits in a small space?”, “If I’m an experienced athlete, which treadmill should I pick?”, “I need a fitness machine for my family”, “What’s better, a treadmill, an elliptical or an exercise bike?”, “Why Sole Fitness?” And a long list of other questions everyone has before buying any kind of fitness equipment.

We have come up with a shortlist of questions that will help you decide which piece of equipment will suit you best and help you to achieve the results you are looking for.


This may not seem important at the time, but where you would like the machine to go must be considered. If you only have a tiny space, you will need to consider a machine with a smaller footprint or even something that folds up. If you have an older home, and would like your machine to go upstairs, the weight of the machine will need consideration as well. Think through all of these factors when considering your purchase.


A single user who weighs 10 stone will need a completely different piece of equipment than a family of 4 with 2 people over 14 stone. If you have 2 people who plan to use the machine 3 or more times in one week we recommend going up to the next level of machine. If you are a heavier user over 14 stone we recommended going up the next level of machine.


How often you intend to use your machine and for what purpose is important. For example, someone training for a half marathon on a treadmill will need to invest more than someone who wants to walk 30 minutes a day, twice a week on it. If you intend to use your machine for more than 1 hour per day (1 person), then we would recommend going up a level in the quality of machine.


This depends, mostly, on what kind of exercise you prefer. If you hate running then a treadmill is not the machine for you. If you prefer a more leisurely exercise, for example walking or a light cycle, then an elliptical is the wrong choice. If you have joint problems, then a machine such as a recumbent bike will more than likely suit you best. Deciding what types of exercises you enjoy doing will help you narrow down your choice.


Investing in a new product can be confusing with so many options available. Exercise equipment is made to suit all means and all budgets, but what’s the best treadmill for you?

  1. Setting a budget is a good place to start. Our core range of treadmills are priced from £599 up to £3,199, so making this decision will greatly narrow down the choices.

  2. You need to decide how many people will be using the treadmill, how heavy are each of the users, what exercise will they be doing (running v walking) and for how long. We consider 1 hour per day per user as average, so anything over this amount of usage we would recommend moving up in quality.

    1. Our range of treadmills offers a maximum user weight of 130 kg to 150 kg, so for heavier users this should be a consideration.

    2. A casual fitness enthusiast versus a seasoned athlete has different needs and expectations of a treadmill, so athletic ability and requirements are other important factors.

  3. Once you have narrowed down your choices it time to look at more specifics of the particular treadmill. Some important factors to look at would be dimensions, ergonomics (deck length), motor size, and weight. Also consider features that are important to you in regards to the functionality such as programs available, incline percentage and cardiac monitoring.

As mentioned before, you can always contact us and speak to experienced professionals who will help match up the perfect treadmill to suit your fitness needs.


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Elliptical Trainers are the fastest growing product group in the fitness industry, and their popularity is no mystery.

The elliptical trainer takes some of the best known workouts, stair climbing, running and cross country skiing, and combines them into a high intensity low impact exercise regime. By using both your upper and lower body, you are burning more calories and toning parts of your body that you wouldn’t be able to without other pieces of equipment.

  1. Widest price variation: starting from as low as £699 and up to £2,190, there’s one for every budget.

  2. Consider how many people will be using the elliptical, how heavy each user is, and for how long will they be exercising. We consider 30 minutes per day every day of the week, so anything over this amount of usage we would recommend moving up in quality. Our range of ellipticals offers a maximum user weight of 135 kg to 200 kg, so for heavier users this should be a consideration.

  3. Casual or athlete? A casual fitness enthusiast versus a seasoned athlete has different needs and expectations of an elliptical, so athletic ability and requirements are other important factors.

  4. Widest range of quality and specification: it’s essential to decide what features are important to you. All of our ellipticals are front drive, which means the drive axle, fly wheel and weight of the user are situated in the front of the machine. Our core elliptical range sports a minimum fly wheel weight of 19 lbs with many of these same models featuring a dual guide rail system. Heavier fly wheels and dual guide rails insure that the motion of the elliptical is a smooth and stable as possible, making your workout more effective, comfortable and enjoyable. Other features to consider are resistance levels, elevation system, available workout programs and stride length.

  5. Best Buy awards: We are proud to say that 3 of our Sole Fitness elliptical have either been runners up or won Best Buy awards by a leading review website. You can have peace of mind that when you buy an elliptical from us that you are investing in a quality piece of equipment that is backed up by superb customer service.

  6. Test them out in our showroom: It is highly recommended, if you have the opportunity, to “test drive” different elliptical trainers in order to see if the feel and movement is right for you. Our extensive showroom has all of our core range ellipticals on display and they are available for you to try out should you choose to visit us. However, you can always contact us and speak to experienced professionals who will help match up the perfect elliptical to suit your fitness needs.


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When it comes to exercising, for a lot of people comfort is a priority, and bikes provide a perfect solution.

Sole Fitness UK offers two styles of exercise bikes: recumbent bikes and upright bikes/indoor cycles. Recumbent bikes feature large seats with back support, and an elevated leg position that reduces the amount of pressure and strain on joints. Upright bikes or indoor cycles are styled more like a traditional bicycle and utilize all the major lower muscle groups as well as the core muscles.

As with any exercise equipment purchase, several factors should be taken into consideration when choosing an exercise bike. We have narrowed down some key feature of bikes that you should look at when choosing an exercise bike:

  1. Flywheel Weight – The flywheel is part of the drive system of the bike and determines how smooth the motion is. Heavier flywheels provide a smoother, more consistent and steadier movement. All of the core range of bikes at Sole Fitness UK have a minimum 6.5 kgs (14 lb) flywheel, with our indoor cycle, the Sole Fitness SB700, boasting 22 kgs flywheel.

  2. Resistance – Magnetic resistance is by far the best system for exercise bikes. Our bikes feature 20 to 40 levels of resistance, so you will always be challenged. Magnetic resistance offers several advantages to other systems, including greater range of resistance, quieter operation and less wear-and-tear, as well as being easier to use because the resistance is controlled by simply pushing a button. Most indoor cycles, such as our CB900 and SB700, use a manual tension knob to control the resistance.

  3. Design and Comfort – For many people who choose an exercise bike, comfort is a must. Any bike that you choose should offer basic adjustments to accommodate every user. Our upright and recumbent bikes offer padded, adjustable seating as well as ergonomically designed pedals, and our indoor cycles feature adjustable handlebars and two-way adjustable seating (up/down and forward/back).

As with any of our exercise equipment we encourage you to visit our extensive showroom and try the machines out for yourself in order to find the perfect fit; however, if you need further assistance or have any other questions, our experienced professionals are always here to help you choose the perfect exercise bike to suit your fitness needs.


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We have tried to make our site as user friendly as possible, so that it’s easy for you to find what you are looking for. You can click on any of our categories, for example, Treadmills, Ellipticals or Bikes and each image will take you directly to your selected category.

There are descriptions and features on each product, but we are aware that they sometimes can be monotonous and daunting which is why If you are still having trouble deciding or have any questions about any of the Sole Fitness products please give us a call on 01782 593533 or contact us. send us an email at info@new-level.co.uk. Or if you are in our area, we welcome you to come and try out our products for yourself in our extensive showroom.


We are the official distributor of Sole Fitness equipment in the UK. so we have the resources and knowledge to provide full product support for our brand. Our wide experience is at your disposal and our entire team is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Moreover, our extensive product knowledge and fantastic customer support enable us to help and solve all kinds of Sole Fitness related issues, from people choosing their first elliptical to long time customers who are looking to expand their fitness routine.


Sole Fitness UK would always recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any new fitness program, especially if you have high blood pressure, suffer from heart problems, are pregnant, have diabetes or asthma or any other medical condition.

Please do not use the advice on this website as replacement to advice from a medical or fitness professional. If you have any questions about any of our products call our dedicated sales and customer service team on 01782 593533 or contact us here.



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